ninety eight cadillac, headlights on in the course of the day even when sunny. I would like to know if there is a way to change them off

Solution by jadeepopsie
if you imply the daylight managing lights just pull or thrust you E brake untill it clicks one particular time…. That simple. i do that with my car

Response by Robert S
examine for a fuse it may possibly be marked day time working lights

Reply by Wylee_M
nicely the daytime managing lights need to keep on all the time, but if its the entire headlights, then u gotta dilemma, check out ur wires and the swich


On the film driving overlook daisy the more mature Cadillacs experienced seats that go straight throughout and was not open up in the center. What are people seats known as and are they obtainable in the present Cadillac Dts?

Reply by PMack
They are referred to as bench seats.

The DTS may well supply a break up bench, but nobody provides a one piece bench anymore – the difficulty with these was if the driver was brief and the passenger was tall – also bad for the passenger!

EDIT – according to cadillac’s net web site, they have a “front versatile seating” choice on the DTS which makes it a 6 passenger vehicle. That would be a split bench as an alternative of buckets and a console

Answer by killerqueen1982
Are you conversing about bench seats?

Response by spokecan
I imagine you suggest,’bench-seats’.