Howdy. I’m a guy looking to buy my first car. I really want to get a hatchback, and it needs to be an automatic with good mileage and mpg.

I’m finding several 2004-2006 Chevrolet Aveo hatchbacks for sale within my price range. Would this be a good car for a first time buyer? Are they reliable?

Answer by Rustynail
Aveo’s are junk, that’s why there are so many around. An Aveo is really a Daewoo with Chevy badging on it. You could do allot better choosing something else to buy.

The only issue American on the compact Aveo automobile is it’s Chevrolet name. Built in Korea [or in China] by GM Daewoo, the Aveo is America’s cost champion coming in at just under ten thousand dollars. That’s right; it is possible to nonetheless obtain a brand new car inside the USA for under ten thousand dollars excluding taxes, dealer prep, and destination charges. Let’s consume a closer contemplate Chevy’s bargain basement people hauler.

Available as either a four door sedan or like a 5 door hatchback, the Chevrolet Aveo fills an significant niche within the Chevy line up as an entry level econocar. Priced virtually five thousand money less than Chevy’s next most costly model, the Cobalt, the Aveo allows for Chevrolet to contend in your piece in the youth market. The Aveo is expressly targeted to compete against similar models from Scion, Kia, Hyundai, and Toyota.

So, exactly what do buyers get for their money, in particular using a base model? For starters, the Aveo comes with tires, a steering wheel, bumpers, and safety glass. Seriously, standard equipment for ones Aveo is often a 1.6L I4 engine paired with a 5 speed manny tranny. Air conditioning will price you extra, but the base equipment list does include an AM/FM radio, rear wiper, a cargo cover, and side impact air bags to your driver and front seat passenger. Option packages include better sound, air, an automatic transmission, and a host of other accessories.

With a 97 inch wheelbase plus a curb pounds of practically 2350 pounds, the Aveo certainly is really a contender from the lightweight category. Headroom of virtually 40 inches allows taller drivers simpler access, but 1 can only wonder if any person would find the Aveo all that comfortable to begin with in accordance with the car’s size and also the top quality from the seating?

GM Daewoo [50.1% owned by General Motors] recently released a brand new version of the Aveo [called the Gentra in Korea] that currently is only out there in Asia.

The new Gentra/Aveo incorporates a rounder exterior departing inside dated wedged shape with the modern-day Aveo. No official term as of this writing if and when the new type will make its American debut.

While the Aveo is certain not to win numerous awards, it does provide for clients possessing limited methods an affordable mode of transportation. For Chevrolet, who was lacking a straightforward residence grown model, the Aveo brings in shoppers who may possibly have otherwise bypassed Chevy dealers and headed directly to Scion or Kia for their first car. Beyond how the Aveo is really a definitely forgettable car and first time clients might want to look at a very good utilized car instead.

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Hello. I’m in the market for my first car and I need some advice. I want a fuel-efficient, reliable hatchback, and the only one I can find for sale is a 2007 Chevrolet Aveo5 with power windows, locks, etc for a good price.

Is the 2007 Chevrolet Aveo a reliable car?

Answer by Zombi Killa
Buying a chevy is NEVER a good idea!!

Get a Ford.

Answer by George
Yes. My mom has one and she is very happy with it. However she bought it brand new. But I am sure that a used one will not give you problems. At least I don’t think. So yes I would recommend you to buy one. We are so happy with it so far. It is a very reliable car for its price. And if you like it this is what matters the most.
Good luck.

Answer by Car_Finder
Here are the Pros and Cons I have just research about 2007 Chevrolet Aveo

Low price, nimble handling, ample headroom, logical control layout, loads of cargo room in hatchback models.

Not much power, manual transmission’s gearing is too wide, unimpressive real-world fuel economy.

Hope this can help you decide.