I really want it to be. Oh and it sucks that Pontiac is dead because I really wanted the g8.
Who really cares about the 2014 theory? Man there should be a option for worst answer. The world could end tomorrow, next month, in a year, in a millenium.

Answer by Luke A
I dunno but 2014 ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!

Answer by mulleted nightmare
dunno, but it will still be @$ $ ugly you can bet!!

Answer by Marc G
I DO know. The 2014 Camaro will be a hard top, and it will be beautiful! You can see in the gallery pictures at this link that it is clearly a hard top convertible:

This link also has an interesting article on it.


Let me just say, the 70s camaro is by far my favorite pony car.
The modern camaro resembles a cheap knockoff hotwheel posing as a muscle car, trying too hard…and failing miserably.

The modern Dodge Challenger, is the definition of perfection, it resembles an early 70s challenger, with a great modern look and with its sheer size and beauty, it turns heads and recieves many looks.

Im purchasing a Dodge Challenger R/T Classic. a REAL modern muscle car.
-The mustang is great, however seeing them so often on the streets have made them look like just any other car. however, its obvious its better for drivability and power.

Answer by Darren Belvedere
The retro look was started by the Mustang, and then a couple of years later Chevy introduced a retro Camaro, followed by Dodge with the Charger.

Dodge decided to go with the most accurate retro look with the Challenger. However with the Charger that thing lookes absolutely nothing like the old Charger, it even copies a ’60′s Mustang grille.

I think it’s a good choice, it has the best ride of the bunch and it’s the truest to it’s Muscle car roots.

Answer by Gordon L
They were thinking, “Hey people will buy a bunch of these!”

Answer by Tony
While I’m not a huge Camaro fan(5thgen that is) Chevy wasn’t going for a full on resto look, they’ve said it countless times. You also do realize none of the cars you listed are “muscle cars” right?

Good luck with the slow ass Challenger, it’s a heavier turd than the Camaro is.

Chevy must have done something right though considering it’s outselling the Mustang and absolutely raping the Challenger.

Best of luck with the decision, hopefully you won’t lose too bad to the Camaro and Mustang drivers out there…even my G8 makes them look silly.

BTW, the 70′s Camaro, aside from the split bumpers, scream white trash. Lets grab a Whitesnake tape and go cruising maaaaan.


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