i have a pontiac firebird plus i like to place a 427 inside it however i need it to be pontiac plus not chevy. is there a pontiac variation of the 427? i recognize the chevy 427 may fit inside the firebird because they are bothe GM vehicles nevertheless i might like a pontiac engine inside a pontiac thanks.

Answer by JetDoc
Pontiac engine division created their own Big Block machines back inside your day. They didn’t share engine designs with Chevrolet till the 1980′s whenever almost the entire GM lineup flipped over to the 350 tiny block. The Pontiac equivalent to the Chevy 427/454 will be the Pontiac 421/428/455.

Answer by roger
Pontiac had a 400 which went into the later firebird however, the bad boy might have boon a 455 inside a few of the earlier model fire bird. a few of the persons about yahoo claim there was clearly no 455 though fuck them I had 1 inside my driveway back inside the mid 70s Its funny today the vehicle was form of a dog off the line nevertheless it had top end for days plus it might run 100 plus for hours on end lengthy no condition check wikepedia Pontiac fire bird plus read exactly what it claims There became a significant output 455 along with a super duty 455 that sounds like a lot more fun visit the blue lin

Answer by monkeyboy
Well because the 455 wasn’t even built till 1970, very tough to receive 1 factory inside a first gen Firebird.

Pretty certain there is not a “big” or “small” block Pontiacs, all were the same bodily size, with a diary change. Buick, Olds, plus Chev for certain had big plus tiny blocks, meaning the bodily size of the block changed. 400 or 455 will be the 2 we can discover conveniently, the 428 wasn’t about rather lengthy, plus being phased out inside 1970, it’s going to be harder to obtain than the 400 or 455 that lasted longer.

However…realize which you really need to go with all the 1 which has the many AFTERMARKET help. Pontiacs nevertheless are very favored inside the aftermarket (unlike the Olds plus Buicks of the 60′s plus 70′s) thus it’s probably a few of the Pontiac motors have excellent tech components created for them. I would think the 350 to function as the most well known, however, the 400 plus 455′s possibly have several following also.

There are virtually many different sport vehicles which you might every want to have someday. While a few of you might drool plus stare at a Ferrari or Lamborghini when ever you saw it up close you recognise it may continually be beyond the touch. So very then fantasizing regarding 1 car which we are going to not have you choose to take the upcoming largest thing.

If we can’t have a supercar then why not purchase among the many muscle vehicles which are at a disposal? Though the Mustang was when the muscle vehicle to have, people’s focus has turned to the Chevy Camaro. Of late you have been hearing people talking plus boasting regarding the 2014 Camaro and just how the appearance plus shape has been reinforced.

But do you stop to consider regarding what the vehicle looked like thirty years ago? In 1978 the Camaro was quite unusual then you recognise it to be today. During this time Chevy had provided it a contrasting nose inside purchase to replace the bumpers which many folks couldn’t bear to consider. Both the front plus back fascia were established with a unique color urethane plus were crafted so they may match the prerequisites for a 5 mph crash standard.

The back taillights were contrived with a fresh look plus developed with 3 lenses along with a gas door that has been set up inside the center. Chevy prepared it accessible to folks inside five models which included the; Rally Sport, Type-LT, Sport Coupe, Type-LT Rally Sport, plus Z28.

On every of the models had been a translucent T-top. The Z28 was known to become the greater model to own considering it was available with a full disco body packet, front fender vents, a synthetic hoodscoop, plus an engine which granted it more force then before. Due to the development inside emission laws which California was incessantly setting up Chevy had to extend different motors for California.

Each of the models were a achievement to folks all over the country plus it was capable to outsell the Mustang II which year.

Now it is coming from retirement Chevy hopes which the 2014 Camaro might have the identical outcome about folks plus can again beat out the Mustang with its specific shape plus effective motors.


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