When you look at Ford and GM’s plans for the future, they seem to be moving quickly towards fewer, more fuel efficient models. Such as cutting out vehicle models no one is buying, changing their more successful models so that they are more fuel efficient, and introducing new some smaller, cheaper cars.

However, I can’t seem to find any information about Chrysler’s plans for their lineup. Is there any information about new cars they are coming out with or changes to their existing models to make them more appealing?

Answer by FleetTech
Chrysler is selling to FIat so that they can have smaller more fuel efficient vehicles to sell. They will rebadge Fiats as Chryslers and sell them. Fiats may also be sold at Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealerships. Unknown just how things will work out. I have gone to Fiats web site and they have some interesting cars.


First off I love chrysler 300s. People always tell me that It just a ‘poor mans bently’ or a rolls Royce rip off but I don’t think that! I think I like them more that a rolls Royce or a bently chryslers have more straight lines and the windows look thinner I just love the look of them! What do you guys think?

Answer by Ricki
Don’t worry about it. With all the cars out there, there will always be someone who doesn’t like a certain choice, there’s just too many factors which one person will like and others won’t.

Just ignore it.

Answer by Adrian
I like them and they are American made with a good warranty. I don’t see a problem.

Answer by Donkey Kong
They are sweet looking cars, but around here they are notorious for as you say being a ”poor man’s Bentley or Rolls-Royce” because I notice a lot of the drivers around here riding those cars are pimps with a Bentley logo attached to them, they either drive those or the 80′s Caddies, lol.

But they are good full-size luxury cars, and a cheaper alternative to the rest, nowadays you can buy a 2005 model for less than half the price than they were when they were new. They are big, spacious and comfortable, it’s also worth mentioning the previous model (the ones made from 2005 – 2014) are also part German, since Chrysler were working with Daimler AG at the time, nowadays they are with Fiat.

It’s also fun to pimp your Chrysler, check these out: