I am seeking to place a new (heavier engine) inside my ’84 Dodge Rampage. However I don’t learn what type of engine to receive or where to receive it. I question when I might have to create any modifications (moving the firewall or radiator).

Answer by toms70formula400
Nowadays there are mechanics that will do any we need. Any engine combination we wish. It is limitless.

Answer by Johnnie A
The Dodge Rampage became a compact pickup truck based about Chrysler’s L platform

which can fit will be a

2.2 L K I4 this might be the orginal engine
2.5 L K I4

this really is merely a suggestion you have to do several more analysis about it

Answer by godged
Well, we don’t provide alot of info to function from. What engine was inside it? How big of a engine do you need to submit? Auto or Manual? Because this was inside the K automobile era, you are capable to place anything different inside the energy plant without much change, nevertheless again, this might be brief about detail.

Did the 1984 Dodge Rampage Automatic just have a 3 speed? The manuels had a 4 or 5 speed, how about an 84′ Car?

Answer by Ryan
I don’t learn regarding which car yet many vehicles plus pickups had a 3 speed car till the late eighties early nineties .

Answer by Dalton
ha those items were piles thats why we don’t see them anymore as well as had 3 speed autos in every the years, im sorry i didnt mean to place it down, i think we don’t see them anymore possibly result folks chosen them like function pickups plus they weren’t absolutely intended for which being front wheel drive plus stuff, however, ya i think they just came with all the 3 speed car or the manuals

Answer by billy
i own a 1984 dodge ram wagon (van with windows) it has autmatic trans plus just got 3 speed: overdrive,2, plus 1- back wheel drive


The Dodge Rampage concept is a car that has been developed by the Chrysler auto firm. This vehicle is made to be a coupe utility car however, a extremely fashionable 1 indeed. The complete concept of the Dodge Rampage auto was based about a car which was yielded between 1982 plus 1984 that was termed as the Dodge Rampage plus had been a utility truck. The Chrysler automobile production firm decided to bring the idea back to existence plus brought the Dodge Rampage into the marketplace inside the year 2006 plus it proven to be a perfect car to drive.

The Dodge Rampage concept car is built with a V8 internal combustion engine that is currently among the significant performance machines obtainable in the marketplace now. The V motors are the machines which comprise of cylinders plus pistons which are organized inside a means which their design looks like the letter V. The V8 motors, really like their name suggests, have 8 cylinders which are located over the engine crankshaft plus every of the cylinders is comprises of 2 valves. The V8 engine installed inside the Dodge Rampage automobile has a compression ratio of regarding 9:6:1 that is good.

The Dodge Rampage has a maximum engine displacement of regarding 345 cubic inches. Engine displacement merely signifies the total amount of all of the 8 cylinders which the V8 engine has. The V8 engine makes the Dodge Rampage a surprisingly quickly plus effective car considering it has a maximum performance of about 5,000 revolutions per minute that produces about 340 horsepower. The car has a five speed automatic transmission program. The Dodge Rampage is an all wheel drive car that may function perfectly both about roads and off roads. The Dodge Rampage vehicle is a ideal vehicle to have plus 1 might have the many great experience with this vehicle.

The total fat of the Dodge Rampage concept car is about 5,000 lbs. The vehicle’s wheelbase measures between your mid sections of both the front plus back wheels plus measures somewhat over 142 inches. The Dodge Rampages’ total width is regarding 80 inches, its height is regarding 73 inches as well as its size is regarding 215 inches. The interior of the truck is not like all of the different utility pickups considering it really is especially fashionable and stunning. All the additional truck models were truly surprised whenever they got to see the interior of the Dodge Rampage concept considering there is not any automobile producer which has ever yielded these a utility truck.

The back doorways of the Dodge Rampage concept slide back that is among the good qualities which this car has. All the alternative conventional utility pickups do not have additional attributes nevertheless his truck is regarded as the greatest inside the globe marketplace. It may have superior looks, that is a feature normally not found on the notice of any designer whenever designing a utility truck yet it is very furthermore rather effective plus cannot be underestimated. The bad thing regarding it’s it is just a concept plus people are waiting for your day Dodge chooses to manufacture this car.

1982 dodge rampage looks very unusual I merely saw 1 heard they just created them for 3 years.. what’s a auto that’s truly unusual?

Answer by alexl
I’d state the DeLorean DMC-12. It was just inside creation from 1981-1982. However they are striving to recreate the DeLorean plus started reproducing it inside 2008.

Answer by ³ ŤŘÍČǨƳ ƊÍCKƳ³—————– éáŧɱ±áƹº«é
Haven’t see too various MERCEDES-BENZ A 320 – W 142′s around; have we?


Answer by Ken D
I’m not certain when its spelled proper however I believe it’s the Avanti. Those vehicles were several ugly vehicles.