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In August-October, 2014 How much might a employed 2006 Dodge Charger Cost with about 40-50k miles about it, inside superior condition?

Additionally does this automobile utilize front or back wheel drive and just how effectively does it do inside the snow?

Answer by Eli P
A Dodge Charger might prob become the worst thing inside the snow, it really is a back wheel drive automobile as well as its a V8 moreover depending about what model we receive, SRT, Hemi….like i mentioned depending found on the model the prob lookin at regarding 13,000-25,000 inside 2014

Front wheel drive 4 cylinder or 4 wheel drive can do greater inside snow, Like a Subaru will be good inside snow plus it has several Balls should you receive the SRT 4 wheel Drive

Answer by Kevin B
Around today inside 2013 plus because condition, you might get 1 for regarding $ 11,000

plus they are rear wheel drive plus are fine inside snow