what or who sings the song in the new 2013 jeep commercial where the girls go and get their hair done and then they go out riding their jeeps and the song comes on and it goes like this:
“she’s so hot,hot,hot,hot”
And throughout the rest of the commercial it does that. I have to get this song. Somebody please help me figure out who sings it…

Answer by Michael
Suffocation – Thrones of Blood


North Liberty, IA (PRWEB) October 22, 2014

North Liberty, IA is located near Cedar Rapids, Coralville and Iowa City and, because of its small-town feel and family friendly amenities, its population is growing rapidly.

We are the second-fastest-growing city in Iowa, says Jason Egly, administrative assistant, who has lived in the area his entire life. We are expanding from a bedroom community and we now have a ton of families with young kids.

In an effort to serve those families, the North Liberty Community Center has undergone three expansions in its 16-year history. Most recently, the center created a new entryway, expanded the attached library and added a play room.

The play area will help our facility as a whole by inspiring more memberships and drop-ins, says Egly. I think it will attract people who havent been here before and they will realize how much we have to offer.

Created by PLAYTIME, LLC, the custom-themed soft playground saw more than 700 visitors in the first 10 days that it was open.

It is a priority for us to serve families and kids, explains Egly. We thought that a play area would get a lot of use. We were right.

According to Egly, PLAYTIME worked with Center staff to create an entirely custom play area with a camping theme. It includes a tent, Jeep, bridge, log slide and a canoe. It also includes animal species that are native to the area.

The frog, turtle and bass are painted just like our native species, says Egly.

PLAYTIME is a commercial playground manufacturer and the global provider of unique, interactive, soft play areas and playground equipment for indoor, outdoor and water play.

Egly reports that he has already heard positive comments from parents who use the play area to entertain young siblings while older children take classes.

It just makes life easier for parents, says Egly. I think weve succeeded in creating something that families will love.