I have a 1998 Mazda pickup truck, synonymous to a Ford Ranger.

Answer by Me Wizard
about 220 bucks

Answer by Don W
Parts plus work commonly run about $ 500 to $ 700 for a clutch job.

Answer by Kevin
I’ve had many clutches changed. It depends more about where we take it than anything else. I find they usually run between 400 plus 600. Hint – remain the heck away within the dealerships. They takes we for a ride plus I don’t imply a advantageous 1. Right today hourly work rates are regarding $ 90/hour for dealerships (at smallest inside Texas). You are able to generally discover a competent technician for 70 in the event you merely ask about.

Additionally – make certain they substitute the “throwout” bearing whilst they are inside there doing the clutch. It’s inexpensive, they are absolutely inside there where it is actually, thus it shouldn’t be more work (if it really is, they are ripping we off), plus they eventually go bad about their own as well as the last thing you need to do is pay many 100 bucks to somebody to take aside a clutch which nevertheless has existence inside it inside purchase to change a bearing which went bad.

- Kevin


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I have a 1991 Mazda b2600 pickup. The truck may start cold nevertheless because it warms up it dies plus will likely not begin again. I changed out the PCM (with 1 from a salvage) today it begins right up nevertheless dies following running 3 or 4 seconds. Does it need another PCM or does the PCM need programming?

Answer by italianna82
sounds like the pcm isnt the issue.

check the ignition coil or gas pump.
both components whenever hot fail.