2014 Mustang 662 Hp

This was among the factors why the Viper eliminating Mustang Saleen S351 was discontinued that certainly dissatisfied me. But why did this 5.8 liter engine’s stop?

Answer by Kenny
End of lifetime cycle plus expense savings for Ford to employ the modular motors platform; inside a nutshell.

Answer by ClassicMustang
You could nevertheless purchase 1 within the SVT components division…The are utilized in every types of vehicles, including the GT 40 Replica.

Answer by Old Man Dirt
Yes, the 351 Windsor remains inside creation, yet not for creation vehicles. Ford Racing nevertheless sells them.
However Ford is usually seeking methods to create vehicles cheaper, more reliable plus gas effective. Remember Mr Obama keeps signing Executive orders which are eliminating performance vehicles. So to keep fleet averages up, the fuel sucking heavier displacement machines are being dropped.
As for Saleen, he branched out into additional pony vehicles plus because a outcome dropped a some models of Mustangs.
The nearest thing available to the S351 today is the Shelby Super Snake, with a 5.6 engine, super charger plus 2 different choices for horse force 662 hp or 850. Which I never believe are numbers to be laughed at.

Livonia MI (PRWEB) May 29, 2014

Performance Assembly Solutions (PAS) assembles the much heralded Ford 2014 Shelby GT 500 Mustangs Integrated Air Fuel Module (IAFM). The 662-horsepower 5.8-liter engine uses an IAFM which includes the PAS assembled plus tested supercharger built about the Eaton TVS 2300 rotating group. Our team is excited to again be responsible for the delivery of the complex IAFM to Ford Romeo Engine Plant albeit this time with a supercharger assembly you build vs. one you have historically bought states Chris Zucker, Vice President plus General Manager of Performance Assembly Solutions. The supply of the IAFM from PAS offered the basis for the Ford Special Car Team (SVT) to take the Shelby GT 500 to a new horsepower peak. The 2014 Ford Shelby GT 500 is the initial 200mph Mustang plus does this with gas economy improvement plus no fuel guzzler taxes.

About Performance Assembly Solutions

Performance Assembly Solutions (Livonia, MI), registered to ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, is an expert inside the integration of complex assemblies. Established inside 1999, Performance Assembly Solutions has fueled their development by coupling their integrated assembly expertise with their production, technology plus development resource relationships. Whether your necessities are niche or excellent amount, PAS has an alternative to needing to communicate with several dealers to bring the project from concept to delivery. Entrusted by customers including Ford Powertrain, Ford Racing, Ford SVT, GM Performance, General Engine Products, Roush Performance Products plus JetHeat, the PAS company is usually poised plus committed to surpass the expectations.

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Answer by Old Man Dirt
The Dodge is cheaper to buy. However when the auto is owned 5 years the over all expense of ownership is less the 4000 $ . Many of that is considering the Challenger can depreciate quicker. It (the Challenger) also offers high projected repairs bills.
I am not certain which 4000 $ value inside savings is value offering up 190 horses.
Then compared to the program GT, I am not certain the additional 50 horses are value paying an additional 9000 $ for (compared to the SRT).
To tell you the truth, I might really stick to the GT Mustang. It is difficult to master 662 HP found on the roads I drive. 420 is insane enough.

Answer by roadrunner426440
I am a challenger enthusiast plus have an SRT. If you consider all moden retro muscle (Challenger, Camaro, Mustang) I agree the number one buy is the “plain Jane” Mustand GT.

Answer by Ray
Or, we may invest the same amount cash for a restored classic (Shelby GT 350 or 500) plus in the event you take advantageous care of it, you’ll have a auto which not depreciates. In 1972 plus before, Dodge built advantageous vehicles. They intentionally cheapened them inside 1973 plus not recovered.

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