VOLVO C30 2014


I traded in my Eclipse for a new Volvo C30 T5, which I opted for Volvo’s safety. How does it compare in performance?

Answer by John Paul
Depends on which Mitsubushi GS only has 162 hp and will be out run by Volvo but if your spider is a GT with a V-6 265 hp motor vs the volvo’s 227 hp turbocharged 5 cly motor then Mitsubushi would out run the volvo glass back C-30 coupe. Based on straight line acceleration GS (loose) GT (win) Good Question I think either car could be about equal in a race on the road course track however.

I’ve noticed that some pictures of the volvo c30 look sportier than others.

Answer by moor
mostly the final engine horsepower.
perhaps options like dynamic traction control &
suspension control.

Answer by James
The T5 is the base model C30….

The R design is an upgraded model with stiffer suspension, larger wheels, and some R design unique interior and exterior body features. It’s typically about $ 2-3K more than the T5.

Unless they’ve had the Polestar upgrade, both put out 227 hp from the T5 turbocharged engine.

R Design is a sportier upgrade package available on the S60, XC60 and XC90 also.

Answer by marechal_00
The R-Design is the sporty looks for all Volvo models, like M series for BMW, AMG for Merecedes and the S / RS series for Audi.
The T5 has the same engine than the R-Design, only looks and minor chassis tweaks make the R-Design looks and drives more dynamically than the standard model.